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So eager to taste their Banana Nutella Cupcake! 
Molly and I go to Billy's Bakery! 
Did your mother ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover?

I know mine did. When I would turn up my nose to someone or something new, my Mom would tell me that I should not form an opinion on something based purely on appearances. Well, this famous idiom does not only apply to people, books or other objects.

Baked goods come in all different shapes and sizes, have different origins, and even belong to different socio-economic classes just like people do.

When selecting a baked good, it is important to NOT judge a baked good solely by its appearance. To explain why, I will use cupcakes as an example. This concept also applies to any other kind of baked good.

So to begin,

Different shapes and sizes… Consumers of baked goods mistakenly select a cupcake for its size or cuteness. Many times when selecting a cupcake we go for the largest available without considering anything else. This is USUALLY a mistake. NEVER pick a baked good based merely on size. If you pick the biggest cupcake just because of its size, you may be stuck with more of something that may be less delicious. So it is key to remember that taste should always come before size. The best cupcake may also not be the one with the flashy elegant perfected decorations. If someone is putting that much time into the decorations they may have spent less time on the actual cake batter portion of the cupcake. This renders the cupcake worthless...because in the end we don’t hang cupcakes for decoration, we eat them. Glamour should never come before taste!

Different origins...Similar to people, cupcakes have many different backgrounds and come from many different places. When selecting a cupcake to eat, it is important to focus on the taste and ignore its origin. Cupcakes can either be homemade, store bought from a local bakery. Often times, when given the option between a homemade treat and a store bought treat, people will pick the homemade baked good. Most of the time, people do this because of the common notion that homemade treats are more delicious and that more time and care has gone into making them. I think that this is a common misconception. If a bakery has produced the product, I see this as a positive thing. Who wouldn’t want something that a bakery has perfected and gets right almost every time? As an amateur baker, I understand why someone would want homemade treats. For people like me, it is about the process and not the end result. So be open to treats from all different origins because you never know-- you may be surprised by which is your favorite.

Different socio-economic classes…So often, people waste their money buying cupcakes at the most expensive bakeries thinking that they are purchasing the best cupcake available when in actuality the cupcake may not even taste that good. The most expensive cupcake does not always correlate to the best tasting cupcake. Buying cupcakes that taste subpar from a famous expensive bakery is like buying an ugly Prada handbag only to be able to say its Prada. So often the tiny bakery down the street makes the most delicious cupcake for a fraction of the price. The price of a cupcake has nothing whatsoever to with how it tastes.